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3 Features Your Law Firm’s Website Needs

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Making a great first impression is important when trying to attract new clients to your law firm. There are a number of ways you can attract attention to your firm, but none are quite as effective as a website. The best way to make sure the website you have for your firm is functional and appealing is by finding the right web designer to work with.

When trying to come up with the perfect design for your site, here are some of the features you must have.

3 Features Your Law Firm’s Website NeedsYour Site Needs to Be Responsive

Having a responsive site is essential in the age of mobile devices. A large majority of the traffic your site receives will be from people on mobile devices. If your site is not responsive, it will make it very difficult for the mobile users you have to see the content that you have. Rather than alienating a large portion of your audience due to neglect, you will need to work with professionals who have experience with the creation of mobile-friendly websites.

Client Testimonials

Featuring client testimonials is a great way to show visitors to your website what your firm is capable of. Generally, satisfied clients will be more than willing to give you a testimonial. Make sure these testimonials are placed in high traffic areas of your site like the homepage to ensure they are seen by visitors.

Calls to Action

The content on your website is the first thing a person will notice. If the content you have on your site is engaging enough, the reader may want to reach out to your firm for help. Making the contact information on your site easy to find is vital when trying to garner sales leads. If a visitor to the site has to hunt around for this information, they are more likely to move on and not use your firm. A web designer will be able to offer you some ideas on how to make your site more user-friendly. Taking the advice, they give will benefit you greatly in the long run.

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Real Legal Marketing

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