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3 Free Reporting Websites Every Lawyer Should Be Using

By November 30, 2015 No Comments

Every time I meet with a law firm I am amazed that they are not spending more time looking at their reports each month. Many are supplied summary reports from their internet marketing company, but they are not reviewing the reports that really matter the most.

Here are three reporting websites that can help your law firm, and aid in making any internet marketing team accountable. And the best part? They are free!

Google AnalyticsGoogle Analytics logo Google Analytics has more information than many people know what to do with, but I recommend you focus on two things if you are a new to analyzing reports. First thing to take a look at is the bounce rate. Your bounce rate shows how many people left your site in less than 8 seconds. You can use your bounce rate to analyze your landing page and look at possible changes that may decrease that number.

The second number you want to check out is your acquisition. This shows where people are arriving at your site from, and this number can help you see the value (ROI) of your SEO, PPC, Referral Linking, and Social Media Marketing.

Moz.comMoz logo Moz is used by many internet Marketing firms (RLM Included) and offers a lot of information. Your law firm should definitely look at the linking reports at Moz. These reports can show how your link building compares to others in your practice area and can give you a list of everywhere your competitors are listed. You will also see the values of those links. In addition, there is a spam checker for each of your links and your competitors’ links. will require you sign up for a free account, but there is no cost for one website.

Brightlocal.comBrightLocal logo Brightlocal is really focused on citations (NAP-Name, Address, and Phone). Running a citation reports will show you the local listings you have, whether they are correct, and additional locations you can or should be placing your listing. It also analyzes your competitors’ listings. In addition, it has a solid ranking program that can show you how your law firm is ranking for major keywords. Brightlocal has a free trial and has many free features.

These are just 3 free reporting websites to help your firm grow. There are a wealth of others available, but these 3 are a great place to get started. Knowing your internet marketing numbers will help you make changes to your law firm’s marketing plan (if need be), and hold your marketing firm accountable.