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3 Reasons Your Legal Website Needs Video

By December 3, 2014 No Comments

If you are looking to add that extra oomph to your legal website, why not consider adding some video? In fact, video, including other interactive forms of media are proven to be highly successful in terms of SEO and driving website and social media traffic.

Here are three important reasons why your legal website needs video:

Google Searches

Videos in Google searches typically receive a higher traffic rate and a higher “share” rate across social media channels. They are a crucial piece to any business’s content marketing strategy. Videos are also the preferred media source by users because they are typically quick and are interactive in nature.

Social Media

Videos are also commonly shared across social media channels. They can be shared across Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, and of course, YouTube. Ultimately the number of “shares” across social media users can help generate a more dominant online presence and increase awareness for any business or legal firm, and can even increase a firm’s target reach. The most beneficial part of using and becoming active on social media is that anything that is posted can “go viral”.

Blog (or “vlog”) with Videos

While videos can’t really replace a blog, they can make a blog more valuable. As mentioned briefly above, videos are important to any online content marketing strategy…as is a blog. However, there’s nothing wrong with incorporating videos into a blog. This can make your blog more valuable, and engage returning dedicated visitors with an interactive form of media.

What Should I Put in My Video? So you’ve been sold on the idea of adding video to your website or doing a little “vlogging”, but the next challenge is what do you create a video about? For legal firms, you can create a video that details experience in a particular field or practice area, talk about the type of services and expertise you offer, or even offer solutions. Think about it: Most users hit the web to look up information or a solution to something. Creating a video that provides solutions would help attract users to your site and ultimately your firm.

These are just some examples of how adding videos to a legal website can be valuable. Contact Real Legal Marketing today for more information on how we can help you market your website and target a real audience and reach potential customers. Adding a video to your website is just one example and the tip of the iceberg. Call us now at (866) 546-5668 to see how we can help you today.

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