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5 Essential Things to Include in Your Legal Blog Articles

By May 10, 2020 No Comments

legal marketingWriting a blog post for a legal company may feel stifling. How can you sort through technical jargon and difficult concepts to create a post that your readers will find useful and satisfying? Blog posts are just a piece of the legal marketing puzzle – but they are essential to your success.

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There are several things you should utilize in your legal blog posts to make them successful in delivering value to your business. These items include:

#1: Statistics and Facts 

To prove you know your stuff, include plenty of statistics and facts in your blog posts. All statistics should come from a reputable source. Add a link to the source, if possible. Authority resources are useful to your readers. They show you’ve done your homework.

#2: Stories 

Even in legal blog posts, which can sometimes feel dry, readers enjoy stories. Rather than sharing stories from your own clients, consider sharing news stories that relate to your niche. You may also choose to share stories from your personal experience, adding a sense of depth to your piece that readers will appreciate.

#3: Subtlety 

There are few things more damaging to legal marketing than obvious marketing. While you should include a discrete link to relevant content, you should not focus on selling your service throughout each blog. Instead, share your experience and knowledge. Useful content is a much better selling point than writing that says, “Look at me!”

#4: User-Friendly Language 

Perhaps the only thing more damaging to legal marketing than obvious marketing is technical jargon. Your readers won’t understand phrases like “personal injury lawsuit” or buzzwords like “discovery” until you explain them. When you choose to explain an important term, use easy-to-understand language that flows. You aren’t assuming your reader is uneducated. You’re assuming your reader is a beginner in the world of law. Write all of your blog posts with this concept in mind.

#5: Keywords 

You cannot succeed in legal marketing without keywords. These carefully chosen phrases are necessary for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and should be woven into your content without being obvious. Again, subtlety is essential. Your readers can, and will, notice when you’ve stuffed keywords into a blog post without considering placement.

Contact a Professional Marketing Expert for Assistance

Creating a plan for your legal blog can seem vast and overwhelming. Remember to stay consistent, updating on a daily or weekly basis and sharing new information each time you post. If you become repetitive or irrelevant, your regular readers will disappear.

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