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5 Free Things Lawyers Can Do to Improve SEO

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5 Free Things Lawyers Can Do to Improve SEO

Many law firms have a website and are interested in starting to market that site, but the cost is a little high right now. The following things will help your law firm’s website get a start with SEO (search engine optimization) and are free. Please know none of these will put you on page one today but are all part of a good SEO plan. Here they are:

5 Free Things Lawyers Can Do to Improve SEO1) Google Places and Google+ – Both work together just type either into Google and follow the instructions completely. You might have to set up a Gmail account but that is also free. Done correctly this could actually get you on page one is some cases but make sure you fill things out completely.

2) Create a Blog – If you can add this to you site great, if not go to and down load a free one. You might want to buy a domain name if the blog is not on your website, it should cost about $10.00 from WordPress offers free templates just add your law firm’s information, your website provider should add a blog to your site for free, makes thing easier.

3) Write Blog Posts – Yes you knew this was coming. If you cannot afford to have someone write for your firm you need to do it in house. One blog post about your area of practice or a related news event each week and try to make it over 500 words and well written. The most common thing I hear is that firms do not have the time to write; in that case you should have the money to hire someone to do it.

4) LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter – Get social, these are great back links to your website and show you firm is technologically savvy. These are all free, make sure you are creating Facebook and Twitter for business not personal, LinkedIn has both a business and personal do both. Relax these are not for being social they are outbound advertising, not for interaction, turn off the ability to post on you board.

5) Listen and Learn – Meet with companies that do legal SEO and internet marketing, have them explain the what they do and how they do it, ask questions. Go to “lunch and learns” or lawyer networking that have speakers on internet marketing or read a blog or book on internet marketing. Knowledge will be your best tool and help you hire a team to take you all the way.

Managing the data of short-tail and long-tail keywords can be challenging at scale. Use a tool like Linkio to keep your various keywords organized. If you have questions about internet marketing, website design or social media please give Real Legal Marketing a call (866) 546-5668.

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