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Real Legal Marketing has over 15 years of experience in legal marketing, focusing on digital media in the last 10 years. Our team’s background ranges from high-end advertising agencies, large legal marketing companies, bouquet web design firm, national newspapers, publishing, and even some law firms.


We have One Goal:

"Focus on the client's goals and build a digital media program to achieve those goals."

This means every program is client-centered, goal-oriented, and is custom built on time and within budget. We provide continuous service, not a one-time product. We put the REAL in real legal marketing.

No Questions about What We Do

Every service Real Legal Marketing provides is trackable and focused on clients’ ROI. You will know where we are investing your money. In addition to call tracking and website analytics, we provide detailed reports on all blogging, social media activity, and search engine optimization activity with logins and passwords to every link. No smoke and mirrors – just real work.

Our Clients Stay Because We Provide Real Results

We believe in earning your trust and business through the quality of our work. We go above and beyond and even exceed clients’ expectations with great communication, exceptional services, and verifiable results.

Call Us Today – It’s Free! (And we really mean free…)

Call us and set up an appointment. We will analyze your current program and take the time to understand your goals and make recommendations to help you get there. Give us a call today at (866) 546-5668.

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