Best Practices For Lawyers on the Major Social Media Networks

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Best Practices For Lawyers on the Major Social Media NetworksConnecting with current and prospective clients should be one of your main concerns as a lawyer. While traditional advertising like flyers or even billboards can garner some attention for your firm, you will be much better off taking your marketing efforts online.

Social media provides you with an opportunity to speak with your audience directly. There is a wrong way and a right way to utilize social media to attract more clients to your law firm. Read below to find out about the best practices to use on the major social media networks.

Using Facebook Effectively

Among the most popular social media destinations for B2C businesses, like your law firm, is Facebook. Generally, lawyers get more shares on this social network when they add a human element to their posts.

Trying to directly promote your law firm to your Facebook followers can be a real turn off and may do more harm than good. While talking about the recent legal wins you have is fine, you need to avoid being too salesy when it comes to the posts you make on this social media network.

Finding a way to spin trending news to directly relate to the type of law you practice can be very effective. You need to also stay up to date on any charitable endeavors your firm is participating in. Showing your Facebook followers the human side of your firm can be very effective when trying to attract new clients to your firm.

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LinkedIn is Great For B2B Attorneys

If your law firm specializes in legal services for corporations and small businesses, then LinkedIn is a great place to set up shop. The best thing about LinkedIn is that it provides you the chance to post more in-depth pieces on the cases you have been involved in.

Once you have crafted one of these thought-provoking pieces, you will be able to share it with your LinkedIn followers and any groups you may be involved in on this social network.

When looking for businesses to connect with, you will find the LinkedIn search feature rather helpful. This feature will allow you to search by job title or geographic location. Even if your firm is focused on private clients instead businesses, you will be able to use LinkedIn to grow your referral network.

Entering the Twittersphere

The best way to use Twitter is as a conduit to drive traffic to your website. When you post a new blog, using Twitter is a great way to increase traffic. When first starting out in the Twittersphere, you will need to focus on building your following. While there are a number of companies out there who offer Twitter followers for a price, it is best to grow your audience organically.

You need to remember not to overthink Twitter and use the 120 characters you are given wisely. A great Tweet has the ability to go viral and increase the amount of traffic you have to your site, which is why you need to take a bit of time to craft the perfect message to your followers.

Regardless of what social media network you are using to increase awareness of your law firm, you need to be consistent with your postings. Posting sporadically to these networks won’t do you much good. By posting a few times a week, you will be able to stay fresh in the mind of your followers.

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