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Directory Placements and Profile are Still Important for Lawyers

By September 30, 2014 No Comments

Listen we all know that print directories are dead, we thought the days of verifying your business information archaic but it is not. Good consistent directory listings are important for legal search engine optimization and direct client contact.

Why Are Directory Listings Important?

Google spends its days out there crawling sites for information and the more times your business is listed the more credibility Google is giving you, shown in rank and local placement. Here is the issue, Google needs to match that information perfectly in order for credit to be given. So old addresses, phone numbers, misspelled names, old URLs and just incomplete information is hurting you. It is a very simple idea but sometime overwhelming.

Also although most searches are done on Google, the results presented to your clients may be a directory. It could be, or even or a Yellowpage site, the bottom line is if you are not there or there incorrectly, you lose.

Do I have to Fill Out the Complete Profile?

More is better when it comes to profiles, if the site is allowing you to place your information for free then place as much as possible. Do yourself a favor and prepare a profile in advance with images, logos, short descriptions, long descriptions, social links, bios and even videos, the more you have ready the better. Remember make sure your information in the listings is correct and the same every time, even a “&” vs “and” can be seen as a different company by the search engines.

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How Long will this Take?

This is not a quick or easy process, I would suggest hiring someone experienced to handle this. The cost will range from $600 to $1000 for the work depending on the company, is the most commonly recommended for businesses and I am a fan of for lawyers and law firms because it adds 50 plus legal placements. Both these site will build the profiles, correct listings, add listings and give you a full list of all placements with login information.