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Effective Legal Marketing on a Budget – The First Steps

By May 28, 2013 No Comments

Are you just starting your law firm or maybe just starting with online marketing, either way if you are on a budget, start with these 5 simple (maybe not so simple) steps to get going.

Effective Legal Marketing on a Budget1. Build a website – I would suggest a 5-10 page website that includes a Home Page, Blog, Contact Us Page, Lawyer Profiles and a Page for each practice area. Build the site with a WordPress template or even better have someone build it for you in WordPress.

2. Write Good Content – Each of your practice area pages and home page must be 500 words or up and original content. I know this is some work, but it cost nothing for you to do it. DON’T COPY or quote law just write about the practice area and how you will handle the case.

3. Do some onsite search engine optimization – The means creating a Meta title and description for each page, and adding H1 tags to each page. You can load a SEO Plugin to your word press site, I like Yoast SEO.

4. Set up a Google Account – Your Google account set up should include Gmail, Google+, Google Maps, Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools and YouTube.

5. Get Social – Set up your law firm’s Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn account. Fill out the profile completely, don’t get lazy it matters. Post an introduction on all of these about your new website.

Listen none of this is easy but it can all be done for little to no money. If you have a dime or two I suggest getting the help with the website design. The content is going to take time but is very important also take the time to use the Google webmaster tools and add Google Analytics to your website.

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