Is Your Law Firm Making These Common Facebook Marketing Mistakes?

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Social media platforms like Facebook offer a law firm a unique opportunity to connect with clients in a unique way. Since the invention of Facebook, law firms have been looking for a way to use this forum to further their marketing reach. It is no mystery how effective Facebook can be when it comes to generating new case intake but it takes a little research and knowledge to use it correctly.

Is Your Law Firm Making These Common Facebook Marketing MistakesBelow are some of the most common Facebook mistakes law firms make when it comes to trying to connect with potential clients on Facebook.


Failing to Have a Social Media Policy in Place

Among the biggest mistakes a law firm will make when it comes Facebook is not having a social media policy in place. If there is not policy on what types of posts to make or how to engage customers on this social media platform, then mistakes are bound to happen. Without a policy, your firm will be at a higher risk of doing things like posting offensive content or even handling negative comments the wrong. Be sure to speak with the marketing firm you have hired to find out what needs to be included in the policy you are developing.

A Lack of Branding

If you do not work on reinforcing your brand on Facebook, you will have a very hard time achieving the level of social media success you are after. When trying to properly brand your law firm’s Facebook page, consider the following things:

  • Customize Your Facebook URL- Most people fail to realize that after their Facebook business page reaches 25 likes, they can customize the URL. By putting your law firm’s name in the URL of your Facebook page, you will make it much easier for potential clients to find you.
  • Designing the Right Cover Image- In order to reinforce the branding on your Facebook page, you will need to design a cover image that heavily features your firm’s logo. Making this the first thing a person sees when they visit the page is a great way to enhance the recognition of your brand.
  • Make the Most of Your “About” Section- Letting a content marketing professional craft you a great “About” section is important. While you are only allotted 155 characters, you can do a lot with this small amount of text when it comes to telling prospective clients about your law firm.

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Never Posting Anything

In order to make a splash in the world of Facebook, you will have to post something on a regular basis. Neglecting to post will make followers lose interest your firm and what you have to say. By working with professionals in the industry, you will be able to get a regular posting schedule figured out.

Getting Too Personal

Make sure it is mostly business. Your law firm’s Facebook page should not have personal family images or discuss topic that don’t pertain to your area of law or community giving. Don’t talk politics, religion or relationships (unless you handle divorce law), these topics can quickly get your business Facebook page un-followed.

Ask Questions and Get Some Help

The team at Real Legal Marketing can help you in your pursuit of social media and search engine success. You can contact us today to find out more about the services we offer and how we can help you achieve your marketing goals.

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