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How to Design a Great Legal Bio Page

By December 11, 2014 No Comments

Competing with fellow attorneys can be challenging. It doesn’t matter what industry you excel in; the competition can be fierce.How to Design a Great Legal Bio Page

Although your target audience can be easily defined based specific legal practice areas, it is important to design an effective bio page that will catch the attention of the reader as well as increase the possibilities of closing a deal. You want your customers to know about you, your business, and what they should expect out of your services.
Designing the perfect legal bio page can be easily done with a few simple steps.

Humanize Yourself

One of the best ways to connect with your clients and potential clients is to humanize your profile, and allow yourself the openness to create connections. Too much of the population associates people in the legal field with a negative connotation—and it isn’t necessarily true. If you choose to share information about your personal life, the kinds of books you enjoy or some of your favorite activities, then your clients may feel more inclined to work with you.

Watch Your Legal Jargon

As a lawyer, it’s understandable that you want to relay a clear message as to what it is you can do for your clients. What you don’t want to do is scare them away or confuse them with too much legal jargon. Your clients aren’t going to know or understand what you’re talking about, so use words that they will be able to comprehend.

On the other hand, this doesn’t mean to dumb down what you are saying because people don’t want their intelligence insulted, but get to the point about your goals. Your bio page doesn’t have to go into extreme detail about what you do; just a summary of how you will be able to help.

Links and Easy Access

Making sure your clients can easily access your information, your background, and even your office is crucial to building a successful and effective legal bio page. If you don’t have any links throughout your page or contact numbers bold and highlighted, your clients may have a difficult time finding or contacting you.
This article has a great read on directory placements and why they are so important for legal bio pages. When you are linked from a directory placement page, the bio page is the first thing a client sees, and usually what they use to judge whether or not they would utilize your services.

SEO Optimization

Even on a legal bio page, it is extremely vital to your success to ensure your page is optimized in a search engine-friendly way. Google will ultimately be what your clients use to research your practice or how to contact you in their time of need; therefore, you want to be certain your website can be found through Google search results. While it can be easy to stuff your bio with keywords, it won’t be helpful to a client who is seeking a specific kind of assistance. Once you research about the importance of legal SEO, you can better adjust your bio page so that your clients will purposely find your page rather than accidentally.
Finding a company to help you design a legal bio page properly and effectively is half the battle. If you contact Real Legal Marketing today, we will not only help you design a bio page that works but we can also continuously ensure your website is up to date and always maintaining focus. Call us today at (941) 495-0612.