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Improve your rankings, drive more business and fast track your success in local and national search with Orange Spot’s Legal Boost tools and management services.


Boost Your Legal Marketing & Networks.

Google Rank is based up to 28% on your firm’s placement on directories and legal information websites, which is also known as NAP (Name, Address, and Phone), and 30% of all legal website traffic comes from directories and legal information websites.

Here’s How Legal Boost Works:

Legal Boost

Research & Build

We custom build a detailed and branded profile for your law firm and then research and build a list of 100 business directories and 100 legal websites to place that profile. We are the only listing and placement service focused exclusively on lawyers and do more than any other service out there.


Place & Verify

Our team manually places each listing and verifies it is active and correct. In addition, we look at all your current listings and fix and adjust as necessary to drive the best performance for your law firm. Real Legal Marketing the only company that does phone and fax verification with our clients.


Reports & Results

Real Legal Marketing provides your law firm with a list of every placement with a username and password. We work solo or with your current marketing company to make sure you get the best result and everyone understand the work that has been done.

Directories We Leverage

Where do we place your firm? Too many to list but here is a sampling and the list is always updated and growing. We work with over 180 higher value websites to build the best placements for your law firm.


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