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Legal Marketing: 9 Facts Your Law Firm Should Know

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When considering legal marketing for your law firm, you should understand there is research available to inform your decisions.  When choosing when, how, and in what manner you spend your marketing dollars, the following data should help you evaluate the value of your investment opportunities.

Legal Marketing Tip #1: Keep Your Phone Number!

While research shows many people use the internet for identifying potential attorneys (more on that later in this piece), 74 % of those looking for an attorney online subsequently contact the office using the good old-fashioned telephone.  While you may have a website with a “contact us” feature via email, your phone is still the most likely way potential clients will reach out.

Law Firm FactsLegal Marketing Tip #2: Take the Call!

Of the people who reach out to an attorney, 87 % actually hire an attorney.  Of significance, 72 % only contact one attorney.  As such, having someone available to speak with potential clients can make all the difference.

Legal Marketing Tip #3: Make Sure You are Visible on the Web

Did you know that 96 % of those seeking legal advice use a search engine?  Note: the data is for those seeking legal advice, not a lawyer.  If your website is designed to appear in searches for “divorce attorney” but not “how is child support calculated?” you may be missing out on valuable contacts.  Because of the vast and varied nature of potential search engine inquiries, a blog provides you the opportunity to address all nature of topics relevant to your area of practice.

Legal Marketing Tip #4: Your Reputation Still Matters

According to a 2014 study, 38 % of people use the internet to find an attorney.  While it’s a safe bet this number continues to rise, a significant number of people still do not rely on the internet to find an attorney without other information.  Your prior marketing strategies, such as cultivating a good reputation through providing solid representation, still apply.

Legal Marketing Tip #5: Recognize the Importance of What You Do

The majority of legal searches, 62 %, are for non-branded services.  In other words, the searches are for “Miami criminal defense attorney,” not “John Q. Lawyer, Attorney at Law.”  Consequently, while who you are is important, your website should include a broad variety of articles discussing what you do and where you practice.  Assuming you continue to add fresh, original content, search engines can and will recognize you by topic, location, and your name.

Legal Marketing Tip #6: Make Sure Your Contact Information is Easy to Find

Did you know that 74 % of consumers visit a law firm’s website specifically to take action?  Understand your web site visitors may very well be seeking your phone number (see Tip # 1).  Make sure your contact information, including your phone number, is easy to find!

Legal Marketing Tip #7: Tailor Your Website for your Audience

Did you know that 69 % of those searching for legal services use both their smartphone and a personal computer (pc) to acquire information?  Did you know your website can be programmed for optimal viewing on both pc and smartphones?  Ensuring your website is easy to navigate on both is essential.

Legal Marketing Tip #8: Make Sure Your Website is Mobile Ready

As if you didn’t learn this in Tip #7, nearly one third of all law firm related website traffic stems directly from mobile searches.  Because of the high number of website searches from mobile devices, optimizing your web pages is essential.

Legal Marketing Tip #9: Location Matters

Did you know 71 % of those surveyed believe it is important to hire an attorney who is local?  Having someone familiar with the jurisdiction is considered important by an overwhelming majority of potential clients.  Consequently, if you have satellite offices, or if you serve the needs of people in several counties, this information should be prominently displayed on your website.

Last Bonus Tip: Real Legal Marketing

If you have questions about legal marketing for you law firm, please call us.  Our team has over 20 years’ experience working with law firms and there are few questions we cannot answer.

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