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Legal Marketing in 2019: 3 Things to Start With

By December 26, 2018 No Comments

Legal Marketing in 2019There are dozens of different ways to market a law firm and every law firm has different goals as well as  different ideas of what success in marketing is. Every year (or every quarter) it is good to look at your firm’s marketing and make some decisions. Here are three things we think can get your legal marketing started off right in 2019.

1: Create Clear and Trackable Goals

What is the goal of your marketing?  New case intake, expanding in a new market or case quality? Every firm has a different goal, but your goal needs to be clear and trackable. If your goal is new case intake, how many new cases a month do you need. Pick a clear number and then set up the tools to track your marketing for new intake. Remember in digital marketing every dollar spent can be tracked.

2: Audit Your Website and Marketing

This is sometimes a hard pill to swallow. Law firms get comfortable with our marketing teams or marketing company and questioning them is tough, but it should not be. Go to a third party and ask them to audit your website and marketing. Ask them to look at your site design, site speed, citations, internet marketing, paid search, local marketing, link building, social media and anything else you can think of. Real legal marketing firms will give you a detailed audit for free in hope to gain you business. Once you have this audit make a list of what is going well and what you need to work on, this will become your baseline to measure results and efforts.

3: Make a Marketing Plan and Schedule

Making a legal marketing plan can be done in house or by a marketing firm. The plan should present detailed efforts that will be put forth to achieve your goals. This plan should be followed and reported on monthly and most importantly changed as needed. At the end of each month you should receive a work report and report on your goals.

Real Legal Marketing has over 20 years’ experience in marketing law firms. What we have found successful law firms have in common is a goal-based marketing plan. No matter your budget or time frame there is a program you can build to improve your marketing.

This is not a new idea. “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!” Quote by Benjamin Franklin.

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