Advisors And Partners

Limited Clients in a Market

Real Legal Marketing works with a limited number of law firms for a practice area in each metro market. Having 10 clients in the same town does not make sense and does not help our clients.

No cookie-cutter packages

We offer real, custom-designed programs focused on your law firm’s goal.

Your law firm owns the work we complete

The website, content, graphics, social media, and everything else are yours from day one.

Complete transparency

There are no special sauces or secrets to our work. Real Legal Marketing will present all our work each month in detail to you.


Real Legal Marketing is second to none when it comes to communication. Your law firm will have one main point of contact with us to keep things simple. We are available to you by phone and video meetings.


Real Legal Marketing’s culture, processes, and commitment to client satisfaction are built off of our owner’s extensive legal marketing experience. We are a complete legal marketing firm, not a website company.

Advisors and partners

Our legal marketing team will consult and even negotiate on all of your legal marketing as requested. Our experience working with media companies can save your law firm time and money.


Real Legal Marketing will work with your law firm to create programs to fit any budget or any change happening in your law firm. Our team works around your law firm’s individual needs.

Advisors And Partners

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