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Promoting Your Brand With Local SEO Marketing

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It does not matter how beautifully designed, easy to navigate or informational your website is if it fails to attract viewers who are interested in your services. That is why local SEO is so important. It makes it easier for people in your geographic area to find your brand and learn more about the services you offer.

An Introduction to Local SEO

Owners of local businesses should prioritize local SEO techniques, as these strategies make it easier for potential clients to find them online. Whether your goal is to have visitors fill out an online contact form to request more information or have them visit you in person, tested local SEO strategies can help your content get seen by people looking to benefit from your services. Research conducted by Google indicates that half of all local searches lead to a same-day visit or call.

Why Local SEO Marketing Is Important

Why is local SEO so crucial for your brand’s success? Searches including the terms “near me” or “close to me” have spiked in recent years, and you want your brand to come up first under these search results. Perhaps one of the main reasons you should prioritize local SEO is that you want to remain on the same footing with your competitors. 

If you are not operating in a competitive niche, then you may not have to worry about other companies in your area taking advantage of what local SEO has to offer. However, if you are up against one or multiple firms offering the same services, then you are weakening your ability to attract new clients if you do not implement some basic SEO tips.

Local SEO Strategy Tips for Your Business

It is easy to get started with basic local SEO marketing. First, make sure your business is listed appropriately on as many websites as possible. It is free to claim your business profile on Google My Business, which allows you to share offers and posts, list correct contact information and benefit from positive client reviews. Other platforms include Facebook, Yelp, Yahoo! and Bing. A surprising amount of businesses do not have an easy-to-find website or up-to-date contact information. Even if someone wants to reach out to you, they are not going to keep trying if a competitor’s information is easier to locate.

Once you have your business listed and easy to find, you can start targeting local customers and keywords. Many business owners create content based around their services and city name, but you can go beyond that. Following local search trends is one way to find out what potential visitors are searching for and which terms you should target in your content. You may also reach more clients by targeting nearby cities and metropolitan areas in your content.

Wondering How You Can Take Advantage of Local SEO Strategies?

Maximizing your online presence to reach local customers may seem overwhelming, but we are here to help. At Real Legal Marketing, we use the latest and most effective techniques to put your legal firm on the map and expand your reach. Find out what we can do for you—call our office at (866) 546-5668 to schedule a consultation.

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