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Start with the Basics for Good Legal Website Management

By July 24, 2013 No Comments

Legal website designand legal internet marketing today has too many options. Out of the gate many lawyers are wasting thousands of dollars trying the wrong solutions and working with the wrong companies.

Legal Website ManagementIt is rare to meet an attorney who has not felt taken advantage of or let down by their past legal digital media company. If you make sure the following things are done and monitored you can create a strong digital media marketing base to build your law practice on.

Here are those things:

Legal Website Design – A clean web design that matches your image and brand is a great start. The site should talk about the firm and contain a page for each of your areas of practice. In addition it is important to have clear contact points, such as easy to find phone number, contact forms, click to call features and live chat, if in the budget. Remember, the purpose of the website is to contact your firm.

Legal Website Content – The content of your website should inform and push for contact, write enough to position your attorneys as experts but not inundate or overwhelm with unnecessary detail or legal terms. First, write to communicate with your clients, don’t worry about making it search engine friendly, your digital media firm can do that work.

Legal SEO – Search Engine Optimization is the key to the success of your legal website and can be worked into any size budget. The lower the budget the less keywords can be targeted and the more time it will take. Think local to start and it will save you some money and still drive new case intake.

SMM – Legal Social Media Marketing like it or not is here to stay and your law firm needs to be represented. Social media for lawyers does not have to be a headache just set a schedule for a blog post every two weeks and post it to your social media accounts. It is a minimal task that shows your firm is current with today’s communication.

These are four things that will give your law firm a great start to legal website marketing and management. You will see the value of your investment and be able to grow at your own pace. If you have questions about legal Internet marketing call at (866) 546-5668 and we can discuss your options.