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Understanding Google My Business

By February 26, 2019 No Comments

Google My Business ToolRunning a law firm is one of the most challenging things you can do in life. There’s so much that goes into the daily operations that many on the outside never even think of when wondering what it’s like to own and operate a firm. One of the most difficult and necessary parts of running a law firm is managing the firm’s digital marketing. The internet is everything to everyone these days. It can make or break the success of a law firm by placement and by reviews.  Google My Business, or GMB, is a free resource and a must in marketing your law firm online.

What is GMB?

You might not be familiar with GMB if you are a new law firm or one who is starting to marketing your practice. Google My Business is a free tool that helps companies manage their presence on the internet, including how it appears on Google Maps and Google Search. This tool allows business owners to do all of the following and then some:

  • Show Up on Local Search
  • Present and reply to reviews from customers
  • Present areas of practice and a firm description
  • Add photos
  • Add business address, phone number, hours and website
  • Post recent blogs, awards and law firm news
  • Learn how and where people are searching for the business

Are you just delving into internet marketing for your law firm? If so, the GMB tool is the best place to start when trying to get your business listed on the Google search engine results. Think about this: when people conduct a local search, such as lawyer near me, they are looking to contact an attorney that day. Take it one step further and notice that 76% of businesses and consumers will use the internet to find and hire a lawyer. This is why it’s so important to make sure your firm’s information is correct and is showing up when people search for the product or service you offer.

Why You Should Use Google My Business

Google My Business has become such an important tool for businesses of all sizes that there are more than enough reasons to use this tool. First and foremost, people don’t just search the internet for answers; they Google for the information they need. In fact, more than 3.5 billion searches are conducted on Google each day of the week. In 2017 alone 97 percent of people read online reviews of businesses.

Very Easy to Use

If no other benefit mentioned below gets you to use GMB, maybe this one will. GMB is an incredibly easy tool to use. It takes a matter of minutes to get your business listed on GMB and Google guides you through the setup process every step of the way. Those few minutes of your time can turn into a wealth of success when it comes to new customers.


The GMB tool is very important when it comes to SEO, which can make or break how high your business ranks in the Google search engine. You can no longer simply list a keyword repeatedly on your website and hope you will rank. You need to provide as much information about your business as possible on GMB, including a link to your website and social media pages in order to rank high.

The Competitive Edge

Using the GMB tool automatically helps decide if your law firm offers a  service that internet users are searching for, helping you rank high in the Google search engine. This can put you above your competition without a lot of hard work. It can go the other way if you are not using the GMB tool yet and your competition is using it.

GMB Boosts Engagement

The GMB tool helps boost engagement with potential and current customers. Visitors are encouraged by Google to leave reviews, comments, and ask questions all in one place. These are three ways you can respond and engage with the customers to help build your brand and expand your reach.

It Acts Like a Website

Even though the GMB tool for your law firm it not a website, but it sure acts like one. You can encourage customers to book an appointment using the GMB tool, contact you and much more. Don’t have a website? GMB can help take the information you have entered into the tool and build a basic website for your firm.

Check Your Statistics

Wondering how well the GMB tool is helping your law firm? Look no further than the analytics the tool provides for all users. The analytics show where you customers come from, how they found you, what images are being viewed the most, what your customers are clicking and more. All of this data can help you better target potential customers.

Important Tips for Successfully Using the GMB Tool

Are you still not using the GMB tool from Google? What is your excuse? Go claim your business’ page right now and begin the signup process. Google wants to give all of its users as much information as possible when they search for a business. Don’t let your competitors get out in front of you. Below are some important tips for successfully using the GMB tool.

Complete All Sections

Complete every single section of the form when claiming your business on the GMB tool. Provide any and all information in this form and make sure it is the same as the information people will find everywhere else online for your business (website and social media pages). Some of this information might already be available if Google tried to ascertain it on its own or if it was provided by a user. Make sure you check the information to ensure it is correct or else you could wind up losing customers.

Use Images

People who search for businesses online want to see photos. Upload as many high quality photos of your business as possible. They can be of the building, the interior, the food, the products and more. Make sure these photos show off your business in the best light possible. Think of this section as curb appeal. You take care of your business’ exterior so visitors are inclined to enter. Do the same with the photos section of the GMB page.

Treat the Tool Like It’s Social Media

You need to treat the GMB tool like it is one of your social media accounts. Visit your page on the tool often to ensure the information is correct. If anything about your business changes you need to update it immediately on your GMB page. It is entirely true that random people can make changes to your GMB business page. This is reason enough alone to log into your dashboard often and check the information to make sure it is correct. The last thing you want is for someone to mistakenly provide incorrect information about your phone number, hours of operation, or location. This can wind up leading to a loss of customers.

Add Value to Your Law Firm

The GMB tool has a feature called Posts. It allows you to post updates to your GMB page directly. This can be about anything, including a sale, announcing the receipt of an award, announcing new hires and even a change in your business. The Posts feature also comes with analytics, so you will be able to see which posts performed well and which ones did not. It takes a matter of minutes to create a post and it will be published right on your GMB business page.

Messaging on the GMB Tool

Quite possibly one of the most popular features of the GMB tool is messaging. Current and prospective customers can message you through the GMB tool if you are so inclined. Consumers want instant gratification so why not give it to them and put yourself at the top of the list in your industry? All you need to do is log into your GMB dashboard and choose the messaging option. You can customize the message your customers will receive as an auto reply immediately.

The messages can be sent directly to your mobile phone’s text message app. If you don’t like this idea then you can use the Google app known as Allo. Use the phone number from your Google My Business Account when setting up the Allo app on your phone. When a customer messages your business the message will be sent to the Allo app and not your regular text message app on your phone.

Contact Real Legal Marketing Today for Help Setting Up Your Law Firm’s GMB Page

Have you still not claimed your law firm’s Google My Business page? If so, make sure you contact the experienced team at Real Legal Marketing to get help with claiming your page. Even though it takes minutes to set up this feature, it’s always best to have an experienced marketing team put it together for you so the SEO value is as high as possible. Call our team today to schedule a consultation at 866-546-5668.